This practical analysis workshop will demonstrate how to use AERIES data to assist teachers and administrators to track student achievement.  It will include how to use AERIES reports and query functions to improve student achievement. This will go beyond "how to print reports" to answer the question "What is the data telling us?"

More in depth documentation for Aeries Analytics can be found in the  Aeries Analytics Data Analysis articles.

Outcome Data 

  • Describes how a student or group of students is doing at a particular point in time
  • Communicate the degree to which a student or group of students has acquired specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes
  • Is measurable

Demographic Data

  • Help staff understand the students and their unique needs
  • Provide vital information regarding the students, their families, and their community
  • Identify factors that must be considered in instructional decision making

Process Data

  • Include information related to the school’s and/or district’s efforts to promote a high level of student achievement
  • Help the staff make effective instructional decisions
  • Refer to variables of which the staff has some degree of control




Teacher-made testsLanguage proficiencyCurriculum organization
Minimum proficiency testsEthnicityInstructional time
Report cardsPrimary languageInstructional strategies
PortfoliosParent educationMaterials/equipment/supplies
ExhibitionsGender        Assessment practices
Performance tasksSpecial programsPriorities
State-level testingAttendanceClassroom organization
National norm-referenced testsMobilityFamily involvement
District-made testsSocio-economic statusOpportunities
Department/grade level testsFamily configurationProfessional development
SurveysFamily supportExperience
Observations    Family language proficiencyExpectations
Graduation/promotion ratesFamily primary languageExpertise
Drop-out rateCommunity support services“Safety nets”
Enrollment in honors classesAge of studentStaff mobility
Performance in subsequent classesDisciplineStaff attendance