From Student Data click on Test Scores and then College Entrance Req’s. The following form will display.  When a student meets the college requirements a message will display at the bottom of the form. 

Under Test Scores click on the College Entrance Tests node. Additional tabs can be selected to display specific test data. Test records can be added by using the Add New Record button.  The following screens are the SAT I and SAT II.

The following screens are used to store the ACT and AP scores. 

The Other test form is used to store additional tests taken by the student.

Please refer to the following articles for more information on how to import College Entrance Test scores into Aeries:

To import ACT, PreACT, SAT and AP test results:   Import Test Results

To import 2016-17 and earlier SAT and PSAT test results:  Import Fixed Length Files - Client Only