To create new letters, click on the Check Letter Text button at the bottom left of the report form. Letters can also be created from the Pages navigation tree by filtering for Letter Text Editor.

The Letter Text Editor form will open.  Click on the Add button at the bottom of the form.

The following options will display. Select to Add One Letter or Add Multiple Letters.

Selecting to Add One Letter will open the Letter Text Editor form. Enter the Letter ID, Part Number, Correspondence Language (if desired), and the Total Attendance Codes needed to get the letter. In the example below: 

  • Letter ID is Truancy. 
  • Part Number is 1. 
  • Total Attendance Codes needed to get the letter is 5. 
  • Correspondence Language is left blank. Leaving Correspondence Language blank indicates that this letter is the default letter and all students, regardless of their correspondence language, will receive this letter if there is no translated letter for their correspondence language.

Selecting to Add Multiple Letters will open the Add Letter Form. Enter the Letter ID, Correspondence Language (if desired), Default Number of attendance codes needed to get this letter and the Number of Parts to create for the Letter ID. Select whether the letters should default to Absence Codes or Tardy Codes. Click the Add Letters button after data has been entered.

The Letter Text Editor will open with Part 1 highlighted for the new Letter ID. Click the Change button at the bottom of the form and enter the text for the top and bottom portion of the letter. Click Update when finished.

Click on Part 2 for the new letter to highlight it, click the Change button to enter information for this letter. Change the Total Attendance codes needed to get this letter to the correct number and enter the text for the letter, click Update when finished. Follow the same instructions to enter data for each additional part of this Letter ID.