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This page allows grade reporting records to be edited or added. Click the Edit icon to change an existing grade record. Make any necessary changes and when completed click the Save icon.

Grades Page

Click the Add New Record button to add a new Grade record. A notification will display with an option to link the grade record to an existing section. It is very important to select the section when the feature Copy To Transcripts has been enabled on the Grades page (typically this feature is used in Alternative Education schools). If the new grade record is not associated with a section the Copy to Transcript button will not function. Please see Copying Grades and Credits to Transcripts for Individual Students for more information about this feature.

Grades Page - Add New Record - Pick a Section notification

If the section is selected the Period, Course ID, Course Title and Teacher Number will be populated in the new grade record based on the information from the section. If the section is not selected the cursor will display in the Per field of the new record and the Period, Course ID, and Teacher Number will need to be entered. Next enter the mark, credit, citizenship, work habits, absences/tardies and comment codes. When completed, click Save.

Grades Page - Save a new Grade record

A notification will display asking to update the Grade History (GRH) table with the new grade information.

To recalculate the grade reporting GPA, class rank and size for the student after grades are changed, click Recompute button.

Grades Page - Recompute button