The Test Settings form will allow schools to enter the embedded and non-embedded test settings (designated supports and accommodations) for the students that need modifications to the Smarter Balanced Online Summative Assessments. It also allows schools to enter Condition Code records for students that will not take a test because of Parent/Guardian Exemption or Medical Emergency, and the schools can also enter records to assign special tests,  High School Science (CAST) test, and the California Spanish Assessment (CSA) test to certain students. Once entered, these test settings are used to create the CAASPP Student Accommodations (Test Settings) export file, the CAASPP Paper-Pencil Test Assignment export file, and the Condition Codes export file. The CAASPP Export Files screen allows users to create these export files which can then be imported into TOMS (Test Operations Management System).

There are two Test Settings screens available in Aeries.

The Active Test Settings screen displays all of the currently active accommodations or supports (those records with a Start Date on or before today and either no End Date, or an End Date greater than today) that are using the 2018-19 accommodation and support codes.  This screen can also be used to add, change or close Test Settings records. It cannot be used to delete a Test Settings record.

NOTE: The Active Test Settings screen is also available as a tab from the Special Education screen.

The Test Settings List (all) screen displays all Test Settings records including closed records and the records that are using prior year codes. This screen can be used to add, change, close or delete Test Settings records.