There are two reports available in Aeries for Attendance Notes:  Attendance Notes and Attendance Notes Usage Analysis. Both can be printed for the entire school at the school site level.  

Attendance notes

The Attendance Notes Report will print a student listing with Attendance note information submitted for each student from the ATN table. 

From the Reports navigation tree, search for Attendance Notes.

On the options screen, select the codes you wish to include in the report. A Limit by Date is also available to limit the report to only print notes from a specific date range.  When all options have been selected, click the Run Report button.

The report will include all students who have the selected Attendance Note codes within the date range.

Attendance Note Usage Analysis

The Attendance Note Usage Analysis can be printed from any school site.  The purpose of the report is to calculate the selected codes and give a summary of attendance notes being used by Teachers from school sites. The report has three 'sort by' options: Date, Teacher, Class/Section. Select the codes to be included in the report.  This report is setup like a spreadsheet and Attendance Codes display across the page which limits the report to only include up to 17 codes to be selected.  A date range must be selected to calculate the usage of the notes. By default, the Start Date and End Date will always be the current date. In order to run this report, you must select from the Filter By Options which include a variety of teacher or course options. There is an option to Count Similar Note per Student/Class as One Record. With this option selected, a code will only be counted once if the student has more than one of the same code on the same date.

To select the Sort By options, toggle between Date, Teacher or Class/Section.  Selecting an option will turn the selection gray and each option selected will re-sort the order.  For example, select Date then Teacher to use these settings in this order.  If you decide to sort by class/section, then date, you must unselect the others first in order to reset the sorting.

The report will display as follows and will vary depending on the sorting options.