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After a record for Pre-Referral Intervention information has been entered, a Refer to Intervention button will display in the Details area.  


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NOTE:  A Teacher needs at least Read and Insert permissions to the Referrals to Intervention (RFI) security area in order to be able to Refer to Intervention.


Clicking on the Refer to Intervention button will display a Referral for Intervention Details page. On the right hand side of the page, a record selection list will display and will show the Status of the Referral.

Enter information for the Referral for Intervention Details area and then click the mouse on the Save button.

  • Date – Enter a Date for the Referral

  • Staff/Teacher – If not already populated, search or enter a staff ID

  • School - Will default to the current school. This value can be changed by selecting a different school from the dropdown list.

  • Status – Select a Status for the Referral.

  • Status Comment – Area where a status comment can be entered.

  • Person Making Request – Enter name of person requesting the Referral

  • Title/Relationship to Student – Enter a title or relationship

  • Date Family Notified of Referral – Add date of notification

  • Translation Services – If translation services are needed, check the checkbox and then select a language from the drop down list.

    If a Pre-Referral record existed, after entering Referral information, a Pre-Referral Intervention Yes will display on the record. Clicking on the Yes link will take you to the Pre-Referral record associated with the referral. This can be used to quick reference information from the Pre-Referral record.

Below the Referral for Intervention Details information are lists of Student Strengths, Reasons for Referral and Prior Interventions. Add  Strengths, Reasons for Referral, and Prior Interventions that are applicable for the student. Enter Comments as applicable. Click on the Save button when all selections have been made.