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The Pre-Referral Interventions page can be used to record details to help identify areas of difficulties students may be encountering. Identifying the student’s needs can help begin the development and implementation of education strategies for students who have recognized problems in the classroom.

The Pre-Referral can begin with the teacher and can then include the parents as well as other school staff involved in the education of the student with the intent of providing intervention that can assist the student in improving their performance.

The Pre-Referral page can be utilized by teachers to begin a pre-referral process. Teachers will only be able to edit their own pre-referral records. 


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To use the Pre-Referral page, the Teacher Portal Group will need permissions to the Pre-Referral Interventions (PRI) security area. Teachers can only refer the student to an intervention if they also have Insert permissions to Referrals to Intervention (RFI).


The Pre-Referral Interventions page can be accessed from the Navigation Tree by clicking the mouse on Student Data | Interventions | Pre-Referral Interventions. 

To add a new Pre-Referral record for a student, click the mouse on Add New Record. The page will display in edit mode. Fill in the appropriate information under the Details tab and then click on the Save button.

  • Date – Enter the date for the Pre-Referral

  • School – Will default to the current school. This value can be changed by selecting a different school from the dropdown list.

  • Comment – Area under the School field where a comment can be entered

  • Status – Select a Status for the Pre-Referral

  • Progress Comment – Area under the Status field where a comment regarding the status can be entered

  •  Success – Enter a % of Success rate

  • Success Comment – Area under % Success field where a comment can be entered about the student’s success

NOTE: When a teacher is creating the Pre-referral record, the Staff/Teacher name field on the Details section will auto populate with that teachers name.

If the Pre-Referral record is being created by an Admin or a User login, the Staff/Teacher name will display with a search icon that can be used to search for a teacher name to attach to the record. 

Click on the Interventions tab to continue adding information to the Pre-Referral record. Click on Add New Intervention Codes. The Add New Intervention Codes page has been updated to allow the entry of multiple interventions at a time separated by category. Enter a Start Date and End Date and a Comment if applicable. Select the appropriate Codes, Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page to save the record.  Categories can be added to the Code table for the IPI.CD code.

The Reasons tab can be used to list any reasons for the Pre-Referral Intervention. To add a Reason, click the mouse on Add New Reason. The page will display in edit mode. Select a Reason Code and enter a Comment and then click on the Save button.

The Pre-Referral Parent Meetings and Contacts tab can be used to notate any meetings that are scheduled to take place regarding the Pre-Referral Intervention. To add a meeting, click the mouse on Add New Meeting. Enter information in the Date, Type of Meeting, By Whom and Person Contacted fields and then click the mouse on the Save icon.