NOTE:  For information on Assembly Bill (AB) 130 for Independent Study changes for the 2021–22 school year only,  please refer to this article:  Independent Study AB-130 FAQs

The State of California requires that the reporting for Independent Study MUST be separate from regular attendance. Certain procedures must be setup within Aeries in order to accomplish this requirement. 

Two absence codes must be setup in the Absence Code Table, which are not already regular absence codes. One must indicate that the Independent Study work assignments are incomplete and the other must indicate that the work assignments have been completed. 

A code for the Independent Study program must also be setup in the Code table for STU.SP.  Students can then be added to the Independent Study program from the Student Data form and the Attendance Enrollment can be updated to place the student into this program.


Students on long-term or short-term independent study contracts should NOT be recorded as having ‘excused’ or ‘unexcused’ absences.  A student in an independent study agreement is participating in an educational alternative that does NOT recognize the concept of ‘present’ or ‘absent’, but instead is based upon the evaluation of the quality of work completed.  For example, what is recognized as ‘home schooling’, is actually a long-term independent study contract.

For more information on Independent Study, please refer to the following link to California Department of Education: 

 California Department of Education - Independent Study

The following articles will detail how to configure and manage Independent Study in Aeries.