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The Language Assessment Data page is used to store information pertaining to any language assessment program that a student may need or is currently participating in.  This information can be entered at the school level or the District.  There is information that may also be added to the Student Data form that will display in Language Assessment. Student Language information is included in the CALPADS SELA – Student English Language Acquisition file. Correct population of the Language fields is imperative to report to CALPADS accurately.  These fields may be entered either on the Programs > Language Assessment page or Student Data > Demographics pages and will display on both pages.

Student Data/Demographics  

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Important Language fields are on the Student Data form.  The RptgLng (Reporting Language - STU.HL), LangFlu (Language Fluency - STU.LF), Birth City (STU.BCY), Birth State (STU.BST) and Birth Country (STU.BCU) are required fields for CALPADS reports that affect Language reporting.  The RptgLng field should be populated based on the information provided in the student's Home Language Survey.  The District has specific codes set up for selection in the LangFlu drop down. From these options, select the proper LangFlu code for the student.  Enter the Birth City, State if applicable and Country from the drop downs. The CALPADS in Aeries Basics - Student Data Fields article can provide more guidance on the Student Data fields that are reported to CALPADS.

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