The Medical section of the Navigation Tree contains many different forms that are available to store various medical information pertaining to a student. This includes medical conditions, medical history, medical notes, immunizations, dental, hearing, vision, physicals, scoliosis, and medications.

The data is stored in individual tables, which include MED, MNO, MHS, IMM, HRN, VSN, DNT, HWO, SCO, MLG and MLM. Codes and descriptions for the different drop downs on these forms can be setup in the Code table for consistency from Update Code Table.

The Medical pages can be accessed under Student Data then Medical on the navigation tree.

A Red Flag option can be set ON for different Medical areas which  are visible on the Information bar located across the top of all student-related pages. The tab on the bar for Flags will have a red circle with the number of flags for the student. Clicking the tab will reveal the red flag and comment on each red flag.  For more information on Red Flags, see the following link:  Red Flags in Aeries

The user may also click the link to be taken directly to the relevant page, provided that the user has security permission to the appropriate page.  A red flag Comment can also be added.