A School of Choice Management page is available and displays all students and their requested schools to office staff with appropriate permissions. The School of Choice Management form can be accessed under the School Info node in Aeries. Many filters are available to limit the students displayed.  The students can be Approved or Denied in groups or individually.  

Pre-configured emails are generated to parents when the requests are approved or denied.


A Filter is needed to load the students on this page.  Many Filters are available to limit the list of students on the School of Choice Management page.  Click on the various field drop-downs to select filters and click on the Filters button.

Below is an example of a Filter for School Request 1 of Screaming Eagle High School.  Click on the Refresh button after Filters are selected to load the page. 

The list will now only display the students with the filtered fields.

Students can be approved or denied in groups or individually.  Check boxes are available on the far-left side to select students. 

Click on the Approve/Deny Selected Students button at the top of the page and the following page will display.  Multiple students can be approved or denied and pre-configured emails will be generated to the parents. 

A student can be given a waitlist status by selecting an option from the Waitlist Status drop-down list. If a student is given a waitlist Status, the students School Of Choice application will be updated with the waitlist status.