This report allows teachers to print student rosters from gradebook lists with student information and a series of blank columns.

To print this report click the mouse on Gradebook Roster from the list under Reports. The following page will display.

Select which Gradebook To Print from the dropdown. There are various options to choose from in creating this report. Select from the following options and then click the mouse on the Run Report button.

Report Title – the title of the report when printed

Number of Empty Boxes – this number of empty boxes will print on each line.

Number of Extra Lines – this number of empty lines will be printed at the end of the report. These empty lines can be used to write in new students.

Height of Each Detail Line – indicates how high each line of students should be.

Student Sort – students can be sorted by name, student ID or custom sort order

Student ID/Number Viewing – view by Student ID (STU.ID), Student Number (STU.SN) or Neither

Show Line Numbers – next to each student.

Show Student Grade Level - to the right of each student name.

Show Phone Number 

Show Address 

Show City – in addition to the street address.

Show Birth Date 

Show Parent/Guardian Name 

Include Inactives – by default, only active students print.

Include Student Alias Names – will display student alias name if applicable

The following is an example of the Gradebook Roster.