The Mass Add Student Related Data form allows the user to mass add a large amount of data quickly and easily to almost any table in Aeries related to Students. Query KEEP/SKIP is optional and will allow the mass add feature to apply to a selected number of students.

There are two buttons: Create New or Load Import.

Create New allows the user to start from the beginning and select any table that you wish to mass add data to. Select a target table and the page will expand to display all fields within the table. Enter any information that will be mass added to all students. Drop-down descriptions will display if the field has code values in the COD table. An option to SAVE the layout is available at the bottom and will allow a user to return to the same settings if this import will be repeated throughout the year or from year to year.

Load Import allows the user to Load a previously saved import.

Reset will RESET the settings loaded on the page.

Save Layout will SAVE the selected settings and allow for the user to LOAD an import at a later time. Enter a name for the layout upon saving this page.

Delete Layout allows the user to DELETE the layout that has been saved to this page.


The selection of students has 3 search options:

Search by Student: This option allows for searching by name, student number, ID or SEID. Multiple students can be searched by separating each student using a comma, spaces or lines. Available in all school types.

Search by Teacher: This option will appear only in an elementary school and will search using STU.CU field.

Search by Counselor: This option will pull the TN from the STU.CNS field if populated and is available for secondary schools. If the Staff ID based counselor option is enabled, this option will show in elementary and secondary schools and will pull the staff ID from the STU.CNS field. See Staff ID Based Counselor documentation for details.

Select the search option desired. For Search by Counselor, in the Counselor Search drop-down select the staff ID number of the counselor you wish to search. Counselors are identified by the STJ.JC (job classification) with a code of 11 for CA or 008 for TX. Only staff with these codes will display as a Counselor in the Counselor Search drop-down box. 

The Load Students button will return a list of students that fit the criteria and will list them on the left side. Select any records you wish to be included in the Mass Add function, then select the blue right arrow to move the students to the right under Selected Students.

Once all selections have been made on the Mass Add Student Related Data page, click the Mass Add Records button at the bottom.

Certain checks will be performed before the process runs. For instance, the user’s Insert and Mass Update permission to the selected table will be checked, and the program will check that at least one table field has a value entered and that at least one student has been selected. If all the pre-checks are successful, the following message will display. Otherwise, a message describing the error will display.

The process is now running, and you will receive an email notification when it has completed.

To prevent accidental double-clicking and therefore the creation of superfluous records, the process can only be run once. The Mass Add Student Related Data page must be reloaded if the process is to be run a second time. Either click the page again on the navigation menu or click the Reset button on the page.

Note: If the process is being run from the District level, a STU-related (SC, SN-based) table may not be used. Furthermore, when using a permanent-ID-based table, only one record per permanent ID will be added regardless of how many STU records exist for that ID number in the district. This prevents superfluous records from being added.

Email Notification

When the Mass Add Student Related Data process has completed, you will receive an email notification like the one shown below.

If any errors occurred during the process, the email will indicate the number of errors and will also have a .csv file attached detailing each error. If this is the case, it is important to review the error list carefully as it may be necessary to clean up data and/or re-run the process.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you verify the expected results of the mass add process by spot-checking student records and/or running a query to locate the newly added records.