The selection of students utilizes a robust search tool that has multiple options for finding students. If a KEEP or SKIP query is already in place, all searches are limited by the students kept. If you simply wish to use all students kept, just click the Load Students button without performing any search on this form. However, the Load Students button cannot be used to select all students in a school or district if no search criteria have been entered and no KEEP or SKIP query is in place.

Search by Student

Student names can be searched by typing all or part of a first or last name into the Student Search box. To search by Permanent ID, Student Number, or State Student ID, type or paste a list of numbers into the box. The numbers can be separated by spaces, commas, or line breaks.

Note: Entering students by number (ID, Student Number, or State Student ID) will NOT honor the Include Inactive Students option. All matching students will be returned regardless of inactive status. Every other search method does honor this option, though.

Search By Teacher/Counselor

Students can also be selected based on their teacher assignment. In schools with a master schedule, this will be counselor assignment instead. Click the magnifying glass icon to search for a teacher or counselor, then click the desired result.

Search by Class

In schools with a master schedule, you can also select students by class. Classes can be filtered by teacher, section, period, course, subject area, department, or room.

Limit by Grade Level

Select a grade level from the Grade Limit drop-down to limit the student search. This limit applies to all the search methods described above (student, teacher/counselor, and class). If no grade level selection is made, student search results will include all grade levels. To select all students in a certain grade level, you can use the Grade Limit option and then click the Load Students button without entering any additional search criteria.

Load Students

After text has been entered into the Student Search box or a selection has been made using one of the other search methods, click the Load Students button. A list of students meeting the search criteria will be displayed.

Select the check box next to each student you wish to include, or click the All button above the list to select all. Once the check boxes are selected, click the arrow pointing to the right to add the students to the Selected Students list.

To remove students that were erroneously selected, select the check box under the Remove column and click the arrow pointing to the left. You can also click the Clear All button to remove all students from this list.

The steps to search for and select students can be repeated as many times as needed until the Selected Students list contains all the students who should have a record added.