The district requesting the records (outbound request) and the district receiving the request (incoming request) can exchange messages related to the records transfer process. From any of the filter views on either the Outbound Requests or Incoming Requests page, click the message icon to the left.

The Messages window will display. Type a new message, then click Send.


The message thread will stay with the request as it moves through various status updates so the districts can have fast, easy communication with each other. The Messages window will show all messages that have been sent and received, as well as all status updates for the request.

System messages, such as status updates, display in a gray background and aligned to the right. Sent messages display in a blue background and aligned to the right. Received messages display in a green background and aligned to the left. Each message includes the Aeries username of the sender and the date and time the message was sent.

When there is an unread message on a records request, the message icon next to that request will be red. Click the icon to open the Messages window and view the new message.

While the Messages window is open, click the message icon again to hide the Messages window.