The Grade Reporting Codes and Descriptions page allows codes and descriptions to be added to the COD table that will be used in Grade Reporting. Select Grade Reporting Codes and Descriptions from the Setup / Config category on the Secondary Grades Dashboard or under Grade Reporting | Configurations on the navigation tree.  There is a specific tab for each section of codes that can be printed which includes the Academic Marks, Citizenship/Work Habit Marks, Comment Codes and Message Codes.

The following are the codes or descriptions that will print on report cards:

  • Academic Mark - descriptions print below the grade area on report cards (plus or minus marks do not get entered.  Marks only!!)
  • Citizenship/Work Habit Marks - descriptions will print below the grade area on report cards
  • Comment Codes - descriptions print on report cards if selected.
  • Message Codes - will print specific comments on a student's report card.  Codes are entered and stored from the Student Data form.

To add a code and description click on the Add New Record button.  Enter a code and press Tab.  Type the code description.  Click on the Save icon when completed.

All marks and codes can have up to six Correspondence Language codes and descriptions entered that will print on a report card according to the student’s Correspondence Language (STU.CL).  To display the Correspondence Language fields, click in the Show Correspondence Language option on the lower left of the page. The following form will display. To add a Correspondence Language, click on the Edit icon to the left of the Code.  The page will now display in edit mode.  Select the CL code from the drop down.  Type the translation in the Description field for the Academic Mark selected. Enter all translated descriptions for each code.  Click on the Save icon when completed.  When the report card prints all Academic Marks will display different text depending on the students' correspondence language.

For example, a student with a correspondence language (STU.CL) of 01 will print Excepcional for Mark A in the mark description area on the report card.

Codes and Descriptions can be entered for all Academic Marks, Citizenship/Work Habit Marks, Comment Codes and Message Codes.

The following is an example of a report card that has the Comments printed in the students Correspondence Language (STU.CL) for Spanish.


NOTE:  The translations must be set up in Grade Reporting Codes and Descriptions; otherwise the default description will print


If the Correspondence Language codes for Spanish (01) or Vietnamese (02) are selected, then the headings on the report card will also be translated.