The Grade Reporting forms and reports can be accessed through the Grade Reporting node in the navigation tree in Aeries.

The Secondary Grades Dashboard can guide users through the grading process for secondary schools. All of the Grade Reporting forms and reports are organized by category in order of when each process is usually run. Clicking on the category buttons will open the list of forms or reports that can be accessed from that category. Alternatively, clicking on the + sign next to the heading will open up all of the categories at once. Clicking on a form or report will jump to that page.

The Standards Based Grade Reporting for Secondary Schools is a feature available only in Aeries Web Version that allows schools to define which standards are linked to a course and then identify which of those standards should display on the report card. During the grade reporting period teachers can enter grades for each standard as well as an overall grade for the course.

NOTE: Standards Based Grade Reporting is integrated as an option within the current secondary Grade Reporting system. If Secondary Standards Based Grading is going to be used, then both the current Grade Reporting system and the Secondary Standards Based Grade Reporting will need to be set up. These Grade Reporting articles will guide you through the steps to create the secondary report cards. Additional information on setting up Secondary Standards Based Grading can be found in the  Secondary Standards Based Grade Reporting articles.