There are 3 different methods to enter scores – Scores by Class, Scores by Student, and Scores by Assignment. Quick Data Entry is available on Scores by Assignment.

NOTE: All scores entered are saved immediately.

The following options for entering scores apply to all of the pages.

  • Excludes Student from Assignments – mark of NA and TX

  • Missing Assignments

Exclude Student from Assignment

If a score is not to be included in a student’s final grade, Enter NA (Not Applicable) or TX (Temporarily Excused) in the Score field for the assignment selected. This will make the Max Score zero for this assignment for the student selected. For example, a student is dropped from the class and does not complete the assignment. The score field will display in GRAY if NA or Orange if TX was entered for an assignment and is not included in a student’s final grade.

Missing Assignments

Assignments that have been checked as Grading Completed but with no scores entered are Missing Assignments. The score field will display in Orange.