Schools can use Aeries to manage lockers for students. Locker combinations can also be tracked. Locker information can be printed on the Student Locator Cards. The student locker number also displays prominently on the student data page. Lockers are available to be used at the school level only (not District).

Lockers are managed from the Lockers page in the navigation Other section under Student Data. Lockers can be mass assigned by using the Locker Assignment - Update Function.

The Lockers (LKR) table can store the following data for each locker:

  • Locker Number/ID (LKR.LK)
  • Current Combination (LKR.CM)
  • Up to 5 combinations (LKR.C1 to LKR.C5)
  • Serial Number (LKR.SE)
  • Locker Status (ex. Inactive, Broken, etc.) (LKR.TG)
  • Location (ex. 400 Quad) (LKR.LO)
  • Position (ex. Top, Middle, Bottom) (LKR.PO)
  • User Codes (LKR.U1 to LKR.U8)

Multiple combination fields can be used to rotate the combinations each year. The current combination is stored in the Combination field LKR.CM, and is what would be optionally printed on a Student Locator Card. The below change query can be run to copy Combination 2 to the current combination field for all lockers.


Combinations do not need to be used. The only required data for each locker is the Locker ID (Locker Number).

Once lockers are entered into the system, and locker number and combination data is verified to be accurate, they can be assigned to students.

Assigning Lockers

Before assigning lockers to students, it is recommended that all existing locker assignments be cleared and that the Locker Assignment Errors Report be free of errors. Run these two change queries to clear all existing locker assignments for all students at the current school.

CHANGE STU LK TO (( '' )) IF LK > " " AND TG = TG

Note: If students keep the same lockers each year, be sure your District Aeries Administrator sets the appropriate rollover option to keep locker assignments. In this case, do not run the change queries above.

Once all locker assignments have been cleared, lockers can be assigned to students using the Locker Assignment - Update Function.

Lockers can be assigned by student Grade Level or Gender, to Odd/Even or by Locker ID range. In the case of alphanumeric lockers, locker 598E would be considered Even, C123 would be considered Odd. Lockers with no numeric characters such as PR-ARD are neither odd or even.

Using the option to Keep any existing locker assignments will not reassign lockers to a student who already has one, and is the recommended and typical option. Using the option to Overwrite existing locker assignments will reassign student lockers already assigned by removing them from their existing and reassigning them.

Additionally, keep or skip queries can be used to limit the students updated by this function.

This process will only assign lockers that are active (blank status field). If any value is populated in the status field, the locker will not be assigned because it is considered inactive.

Once the update process has been completed, lockers will be assigned to students. Locker changes can also be made on an individual student basis on the Student Demographics page. Clicking the locker number on the Student Demographics page will take the user to the Lockers page showing information about that specific locker.

Locker Reports

There are currently two locker reports available. They can be accessed from View All Reports by filtering for “locker”.

The Locker Assignment Errors report will list any errors with mismatched students and lockers, students with more than one locker assigned, and other errors. This report can be sorted by Student or Locker. It is recommended that this report be free of errors before running the assignment process.

The Locker Assignments report can be run to list which students are assigned to which lockers. This report also has an option to Print only Unassigned Lockers which will list all active lockers that are not assigned to any student. This report can be sorted by Student, Locker, or Grade and can also include locker combination and can also print by class period and teacher.