Locker Reports


Navigate to Student Data > Other > Lockers

The Lockers page allows schools to manage student lockers, including:

  • Adding locker numbers
  • Assigning lockers to students, and updating as needed
  • Tracking locker combinations
  • Rotating locker combinations
  • Printing locker information on the Student Locator Cards

Lockers can only be managed at the school level only, not the district level.

The student locker number is displayed in the following places:

  • Demographics page: Locker field. The locker number is linked to the student's record on the Lockers page to facilitate easy updates to this data.
  • Mobile Portal app: The Locker Number, Combination, Location, and Position fields on the Demographics screen. NOTE: The locker data cannot be directly updated from the mobile portal app.
  • Reports > Scheduling > Student Locator Cards. See Student Locator Cards.


  • Districts can enable the Keep the same Locker assignments option when running the New Year Rollover process. This causes locker number assignments to be retained from one year to the next. In this case, do not clear existing locker assignments at the beginning of the year.

  • To make certain locker fields required, on the Define Required Fields page, select the Locker LKR table and set fields as needed.

  • On the No Show Setup page, select Always Drop Locker Assignments if locker assignments should always be dropped once a student is designated as a No Show.

  • On Update Code Table, ensure the following codes are set up correctly:
    • Locker Status Codes (LKR.TG)
    • Locker Locations (LKR.LO)
    • Locker Positions (e.g., Top, Middle, Bottom) (LKR.PO)


Add Locker Numbers

  1. Click Add New Record to add a locker ID record. 
  2. Or, select a Locker Number and click Changeto update an existing record.
    • Locker ID (LKR.LK) - (Required) The number assigned to the locker, manually entered.
    • Combination (LKR.CM) - (Optional) The combination currently set for the locker. This combination is printed on the Student Locator Cards.
    • Student Number(STU.SN) - The local student number for the student assigned to the locker.

      The field is automatically populated when the Update Locker Assignmentsfunction is run, so the student does not need to be assigned initially while adding locker numbers. The student number can be changed if needed. Once a locker record is saved with a student number, the following fields are automatically populated:
      • Student Name (STU.NM)
      • Grade (STU.GR)
      • Sex (STU.SX)
      • Status (STU.TG)
    • Combination 1-5 (LKR.C1-LKR.C5) - (Optional) Up to 5 alternate combinations for the locker.
    • Serial Number (LKR.SE) - The unique serial number assigned to the locker.
    • Locker Status  (LKR.TG) - Whether the locker is inactive. 
      • If blank, the locker ID is active. 
      • If populated with any value, the locker ID is inactive.
    • Location (LKR.LO) - The locally designated locker location.
    • Position (LKR.PO) - The locally designated locker position, such as top/bottom. 
    • User Codes (LKR.U1-LKR.U8) - Eight customized field names that are defined on the Define Custom Captions. The default names are User 1 - User 8.
  3. Click Save.
    NOTE: Newly added Locker IDs may take a while to appear in the Locker Number list.

Clear Existing Locker Assignments

Before assigning lockers, clear existing locker assignments. However, if the district enabled the Keep the same Locker assignments option, skip these steps.

  1. Run the following change queries to clear all existing locker assignments for all students at the current school.


    CHANGE STU LK TO (( '' )) IF LK > " "

  2. Run the Locker Assignment Errors Report and ensure it is free of errors.

Once all locker assignments have been cleared, lockers can be assigned to students using the Locker Assignment - Update Function.

Update Locker Assignments

Once locker IDs are added and locker combinations are verified, they can be assigned to students.

  1. Indicate how lockers will be assigned, and to whom:
    • Assign- Whether all locker IDs will be assigned, or only odd or even IDs. 
      • For alphanumeric IDs, the numeric portion of the ID is used (e.g., locker 598E is even, C123 is odd).
      • Lockers with no numeric characters such as PR-ARD are neither odd or even.
    • active lockers starting at Locker ID and through - The range of locker numbers to be assigned, populated according to the available locker numbers.
    • to active students in grade - The grade level to which locker numbers will be assigned.
    • and gender - The gender to which locker numbers will be assigned.

    • Select one of the following:

      • Keep any existing locker assignments - Reassigns the same locker ID to students who already have locker assignments (recommended).

      • Overwrite existing locker assignments - Removes existing locker assignments for students who have them, and assigns different locker IDs.

        • KEEP or SKIP queries can be used to limit the students when using this option. In this case, only active lockers are assigned (i.e. Locker Status is blank). If Locker Status is not blank, the locker will not be assigned because it is considered inactive.

        • When a student is inactivated but that student's locker assignment is not dropped, the Locker Status field will reflect the student's Inactive status tag (STU.TG).

    • Select one of the following:

      • Include all students - Includes all students according to selected grade level and gender.

      • Exclude students with an attendance program (STU.SP) - In addition to the selected grade level and gender, includes only students whose STU.SP field on Demographics is blank.

        • For California users, STU.SP corresponds to the Prog field. Blank indicates the student is enrolled in a regular attendance program.

        • For Texas users, STU.SP corresponds to the ADA Elig field. Blank indicates Not Selected.

  2. Click Update.

    Once the update process is complete, lockers are assigned to students and can be updated as needed.

Rotate Locker Combinations

Multiple combination fields can be stored and rotated throughout the year. The currently assigned combination is stored in the Combination field (LKR.CM) and is the combination that can be printed on the Student Locator Card. Alternate combinations are stored in the Combination 1-5 fields (LKR.C1-LKR.C5).

The following change query can be run to copy Combination # to the Current Combination field for all lockers, where # is the combination field (1-5).


Locker Reports

Reports > Student Data > Locker Assignment Errors

The report lists any errors with mismatched students and lockers, students with more than one locker assigned, and other errors. The report can be sorted by student or locker. 

It is recommended that this report be free of errors before assigning lockers to students.

Reports > Student Data > Locker Assignments

The report lists the student currently assigned to each locker. This report provides an option to Print only Unassigned Lockers which will list all active, unassigned lockers. Combinations can also be included. The report can be sorted by student, locker, or grade level. and can be printed by period and teacher.


The following query can be run to list all lockers that are unassigned to students: