Teachers have the ability to push (or copy) assignments from the current gradebook to any of their other gradebooks. Click the mouse on gradebook dropdown from the header and select the gradebook from the dropdown where the assignment exists.

Click the mouse on the Push Assignment to Other Gradebooks button on the Manage Assignments page.

The following Push Assignments Window will display. The current gradebook name will display in the Push Assignment header. The dropdown will display the assignments for the current gradebook. The assignments shown in the dropdown are sorted by most recent assignments. 

The other gradebooks for the same teacher are also displayed.  The Gradebook names display with the Term or Grading Period information next to the Gradebook name. Select the assignment from the dropdown and click the mouse on the Push button next to the gradebook name the assignment should be pushed to. This will push or copy the selected assignment from the current gradebook to the selected gradebook.

Linked gradebooks will have grouped together. The following message will display.

Click on the OK button to push the selected assignment into the other gradebook. Continue selecting and clicking on the assignments. Assignments have to be selected individually. Click the Close button at the bottom of the page to close.


NOTE: The assignment’s category needs to be checked/updated in the gradebooks it has been pushed into. After pushing the assignment to the other gradebook(s), use the Edit Assignment screen in the other gradebooks to check/update the Category that the assignment is linked to. 

The Add Assignment window has an option to Push New Assignment to Selected Gradebooks

When creating a new assignment and selecting this option, other existing gradebooks will display to select to push the new assignment to. The other Gradebooks will display by default with the Gradebook Name and the term (TM) information from the Gradebook (GBK) table.

When using this Push option, only the current gradebook the new assignment is being added to and the selected gradebooks will get the new assignment.