There are two screens available to a staff member or Physical Fitness administrator to display or update scores for the physical fitness test. The first screen is the Physical Fitness Test Results and the second is the Physical Fitness by Teacher.

Physical Fitness Test Results Screen

The Physical Fitness Test Results screen can be found in the Student Data | Test Scores node.

The Detail (PFT) tab displays the student’s detailed Physical Fitness results for each test area.  The Summary (PFT) tab will display the student’s test results over multiple Testing Administrations.

Use the Search icon to select the student, the Add button to add a new physical fitness record, the Change button to update an existing record, and the Delete button to delete a record.

The radio button above the test area indicates which test was taken. The Status displays whether the student passed or did not pass that test area.


When creating the State test file the Test Taken field is used to determine which tests were taken and the scores to be loaded (or BLANKS into test areas where the student was not tested). 

For example, in Aerobic Capacity the student has the MILE RUN flagged as the Test Taken with the fields displaying 10 min 38 sec and the VO2 max displaying 42.0. The remaining Aerobic Capacity tests contain zeroes. These fields are numeric fields and must contain a numeric value on the form, which is why they display zero.  When the State test file is created, the Mile Run score will be loaded and all other Aerobic Capacity test scores containing zero will be loaded as a BLANK.

Take note that even though the test taken displays a specific area in the Test Taken field any test can contain scores.  For example, Upper Body Strength has scores loaded for all tests.  The Mod Pull Ups is selected in the Test Taken field because it was the last score entered. 

After the Pass flags have been loaded with a Passed or Not Passed code the Physical Fitness Test Results form will calculate the Test Status field with a 0 = Not Passed or 1 = Passed.  This will be calculated from the Pass Flags for each test area. Five out of six test areas containing a Pass will update the Test Status field to Passed based on the test results for the selected Testing Administration.

Also each Passed or Not Passed flag entered for each Test Taken is stored in the TPS table for all prior years and the current year tests.

The TPS table is used to calculate the overall Status field at the bottom right corner of the form. The overall Status will display the students’ current grade level Fitness Status, i.e., High School Physical Fitness, Middle School Physical Fitness, or Elementary School Physical Fitness. A district can also use overall Status tags of Passed (Over-ride), Waiver, Pending Approval and Requirement Met.

NOTE: If scores have been scanned into the PFT table the Test Status fields and overall Status field will not be updated. The Pass Flag fields MUST be manually entered in order to calculate these fields.

Add a Record to Physical Fitness

To Add a Physical Fitness record, locate the student using the Search and then select the Physical Fitness Tests node under Student Data | Test Scores.  Click on the Add button.

Select the Testing Administration from the dropdown and then enter the Testing Date. The Grade field indicates the grade that the student took the test and defaults to the student’s current grade. The Sch Taken field will default to the school currently adding the record. 

Use the tab key or the mouse to move through the screen and populate the data. The Pass Flags can also be populated. Click on the Save button to save the changes. The record will be added to the PFT table and will update the TPS table. The Testing Admin and Test Date will display under the list of records. 

NOTE: The Testing Date needs to fall within the date range of the selected Testing Administration window.

NOTE: When adding a Fitness Waiver, the Physical Fitness (PFT) record must include a Testing Administration and Testing Date.  Only 5th, 7th and 9th grade students will be included in the Physical Fitness Test Extract for students with a current Testing Administration (ex. SPRG20), so the extract will not be affected by adding current Testing Administration records (ex. SPRG20) for students in other grade levels.
The Physical Fitness Test Results report, however, will report all students with a PFT record for a particular testing administration regardless of their grade level. So, if you do not want students in grades 10-12 with Waivers to show up on the Physical Fitness Test Results report when filtering for the current Testing Administration, create a new Testing Administration (TAD) for the beginning of the year just to record waivers for that year.

Update a Record in Physical Fitness

Use the Search to find and display the student’s records.  Click on the fitness record to be updated. Click on the Change button. The Testing Admin name MUST not be changed.  Click in the field that needs to be updated and make the desired correction.  When complete click on the Save button and the student’s record will be updated.

Delete a Record from Physical Fitness

If test scores have been added to the PFT table to the wrong student the scores must be deleted. Bring up the student's Physical Fitness Tests screen and click on the fitness record to be deleted. Click on the Delete button and a message will display to verify the deletion. To continue, click on the OK button and the record will be deleted from the PFT table.  The test will no longer display.

Physical Fitness Test Results Summary Tab

The Summary (PFT) tab on the Physical Fitness Test Results form will display test results for students from all Testing Administrations that they participated in.  Each Category that a student has passed will store a Pass flag in the Testing Pass Status (TPS) table (for only the category not the specific test).  A check mark will display for tests passed at the top of the category in the Pass (TPS) check box.  In the below example, the Pass (TPS) flag contains a check mark if the student passed the test, such as in the Body Composition test for the Middle and High School administrations.

Also, the Overall Status field at the bottom of the form is calculated from the TPS table. If a student has passed 5 out of 6 categories the Overall Status field will display Passed.  If they have not passed 5 out of 6 categories the Overall Status field will display Not Passed.

Under each Category specific test data will display for each Testing Administration that contains a record in the Physical Fitness (PFT) table. The Status column will display a Passed or Not Passed flag for all tests starting with SPRG11 since the Passed/Not Passed flag is now stored in the PFT table as of the 2011 school year.

In years prior to SPRG11 Aeries did not store the Passed or Not Passed flags.  Some records cannot be determined as to whether a specific test was passed so the Status for some categories may display Undetermined especially if there are multiple tests that can be taken in a specific category. 

Physical Fitness by Teacher

The Physical Fitness by Teacher Page allows a user to view and update student fitness data one class at a time. 

"Administer" access to the Physical Fitness Security Area will display the Physical Fitness by Teacher link under the Teacher Emulation node.

Selecting a teacher will populate the screen in the same format as the Teacher Physical Fitness Testing screen. The Class period, Grade, Testing Administration and Gender options can be used to limit the list of students that are displayed on the screen. The physical fitness test fields are displayed in the same order and format as the teacher’s physical fitness screen. The Print Roster button will display a report of the Physical Fitness Test Results form and data. A blank roster can be printed if no data is entered.

Enter the test results into the appropriate field. The Tab key can be used to move to the next field during data entry. All data is saved immediately upon entry.