To edit an existing Gradebook, click the mouse on the Manage Gradebook button on the dashboard page. Below is an example from the Table dashboard.

The Manage Gradebook button window will display for the selected gradebook.

Existing gradebooks can have their terms adjusted. A gradebook with a term of Year can be changed to a Quarterly gradebook. The existing assignments will display and also the calculation of the overall score and mark based on the assignment due dates within the selected term dates of Quarter 1, Quarter 2, Quarter 3 and Quarter 4.  

In schools with a Master Schedule, at least one section must be associated with the gradebook. Click Save after selecting the appropriate options.

Make any changes to the gradebook and click the mouse on the Save button.

Note: If a Google Classroom is associated with the Gradebook, changing the Section association may create unexpected issues with Students being assigned to the Google Classroom.