The Home Language Survey questions asked in Aeries Online Enrollment include the four standard questions set forth by the California Department of Education as shown in their sample letter. The answers to these questions can be reviewed as part of the import process.

When the student gets imported into Aeries, those answers get stored into the fields on the Language Assessment page (LAC.L1, LAC.L2, LAC.L3, LAC.L4).

As an additional field, separate from the home language survey questions, the student’s reporting language (formerly called Home Language) is stored in the STU.HL field. This field is pre-populated at the time the student is imported, however, the registrar or person importing the student may change this value during the import process.

Currently, the Reporting Language value is pre-populated based on responses the parent gave to the home language survey questions. If any of the first three languages are not English, the Home Language will default to the most prevalent of the collected languages. In the event that all non-English languages collected differ, the suggested default will be the "by Adults" language as a tie-breaker.  it is suggested that users verify that the reporting language is correct and change it if necessary before importing the student.