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The Import Test Results page in Aeries will allow users to import state and college test result data into the Aeries Student Information System. More test formats will be added as they become available. 

NOTE: When deciding which year file layout to use, first select the file layout that was in effect when the data was downloaded. If the data does not import using that file layout, then try using the file layout for the year the assessment was administered. 

Import Test Results - California

Import Test Results - Texas

The Info button at the top of the page allows users to review recent modifications to the Import Test Results page or adjustments to file layouts.

Import Test Results - Info Button

Test results can be imported either at the district or school level. When importing at the school level, the matching process will only match students that have records in the school that the user is logged into.

The procedures to import test results in the Aeries Web Version are as follows:

  1. Select the File Layout for the test scores that will be imported
  2. Select the file(s) that contain the test results data
  3. Load the test results
  4. Match the test results to students
  5. After all students are matched import the test results by clicking on the Update Test Tables button.

This document will go into a detailed explanation of each of these steps.

NOTE:  Only the test layouts listed in the Step 1 dropdown can be imported using Aeries Web version. More test formats will be added as they become available.

NOTE: Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers can be used to import test results.

NOTE: Do not update the Default Date or Testing Administration when uploading data files from prior years.

NOTE: Sometimes an updated student score file will need to be imported into Aeries. Re-importing the test scores will not produce duplicate records as long as the Test ID, Test Part, Test Date and Student ID are the same. If the “rescored”  test records have the same test date then they will overwrite the existing testing records with the new scores. If the “rescored” test records have a new test date, then the import process will create new testing records. It is always a good practice to import an updated score file in a sandbox database first to see if it will cause any duplicate test records.