Prior to changing a code verify that it has not already been added to a record.   The codes and the number of times they have been added will display on the right side of the form under Code and Count.

NOTE: If a code is being deleted that has already been added to one or more records, it should be determined whether the code is still valid. Determine whether the code should remain in the field, be moved to another field or cleared from the field. Then determine if the current code should be inactivated or if it should be deleted from the Code table.

If it is determined that a code should be deleted click on the Edit button next to the code.  Then click on the Delete icon. A message will display confirming the deletion.  Click on the OK button to complete the deletion.

The Code will no longer display and will not be available in the dropdown listing for this field.  But if the Code was previously entered into any records, the Code and Count will still display on the right side of the form.