Elementary Classes for Next Year

This process can ONLY be used in a straight Elementary setting.

In this example, within the current year database, students are being placed with a grade level "Holding Tank Teacher".  Afterwards, they will be moved to their Next Teacher (STU.NT).

In the current year, students enrolled in 5th grade will reflect a Next Grade Level as 6 and Next Teacher as Teacher 0 - Unassigned.

Move the Students to a Grade Level "Holding Tank Teacher"

  1. Navigate to School Info/Teachers.
  2. Add "Holding Tank Teachers" for each grade level (example:  zzGrade0, zzGrade1, etc.).
  3. Select Teacher 0 - Unassigned (all students are placed with Teacher 0 until assigned to a specific teacher).  
  4. Check the box to View Data Next Year.
  5. Choose the "Holding Tank Teacher" - Teacher zzGrade6.
  6. In Option 2, enter the next year grade level of the students to be moved to Teacher zzGrade6 ("Holding Tank Teacher"). 
  7. Click Option 2 to move all the students to the "Holding Tank Teacher". 
  8. A popup will display the impending move (see below).
  9. Click "OK" to complete the move (see below).
  10. Repeat these steps for each grade level and place students with the appropriate grade level "Holding Tank Teacher".
  11. After all students are placed with a "Holding Tank Teacher", only new students will be assigned to Teacher 0.  

Aeries will indicate the impending move.  Check the validity of this information before selecting the "OK".

Students have been moved to the "Holding Tank Teacher".

Move Students From "Holding Tank Teachers" to Assigned Teacher for Next Year

  1. Select a "Holding Tank Teacher " - zzGrade 6.
  2. Check the box for View Data Next Year.
  3. Choose the Next Grade Teacher - Haley.
  4. Select the students be assigned to Haley by clicking the box in the Move column.
  5. Select the Option 3 to Move the tagged students only.  
  6. A popup will display the impending move.
  7. Click "OK" to complete the move.
  8. Repeat these steps until all students are moved from the "Holding Tank Teacher" to their next year teacher.
  9. Select next "Holding Tank Teacher" and repeat Steps 1 - 6.