This article explains how to configure the scheduled process to submit automatic payments to Livingtree (formerly Edbacker) and import payments from Livingtree into Aeries as part of the Aeries Financials system. The scheduled process can also process Late Fees and send payment reminders to students.

Only an Aeries Administrator can access the configuration page for the Financials scheduled process.

Once Aeries Financials has been set up, Aeries Administrators can enable a scheduled process that will perform the following actions:

  • Submit payments to Livingtree for students with AutoPay turned on and whose scheduled payments are due
  • Pull existing transactions from students' active Livingtree payment portals into the Financial Transaction Details (FTD) table in Aeries (only those that have not already been pulled into Aeries)
  • Apply Late Fees to students with past due scheduled payments
  • Send First Reminder and Second Reminder emails to students with upcoming scheduled payments
  • If enabled, an auto-sync will occur. This is a full 2-way sync of all transactions between Aeries and Livingtree. This feature is necessary if data in the database is manually altered.

Select Financials | Configurations | Livingtree Nightly Process Config in the navigation menu. The following page will display.

Enter the following information to configure the scheduled process.

TimeEnter the time of day that the process should run, or click the clock icon to select a time from the list. Note: This process will run every day of the week to take advantage of all available features.
Email AddressEnter an email address (or multiple email addresses separated by commas). These addresses will receive a confirmation email each time the process runs.

Checking the Auto Sync checkbox will cause a full 2-way sync of all transactions between Aeries and Livingtree every day. This feature is necessary if data in the database is manually altered, to keep data in Aeries and Livingtree in sync.

Click the Enable Scheduled Process button. The status will change to "Enabled". Click the Save button to save changes.

When the process is enabled, the button will be labeled Disable Scheduled Process. Click this button at any time to disable the scheduled process.

There are two Run Now buttons at the bottom of the page to initiate the process on demand.

  • Run Now (Scheduled Payments). This runs all processes described above, except Auto Sync. This is the same process that will automatically happen at the specified time above.
  • Run Now (Sync Transactions). This process only pulls transactions from Livingtree, and runs auto sync. This is the same process that will automatically happen 12 hours after the specified time above. 

Treat Student as Adult

In the District level School Options, the Treat Students as Adult setting can be selected. Setting this value to Yes will send Payment Schedule email alerts to the student rather than the parent. To have alerts go to the parent, this setting must be set to No, the parent account needs to be associated with the student, have PWA.TY  = ''P" and the student needs to be in PWS.

Auto Pay settings

Users can enable/disable the Auto Pay function for a particular student on the student's Financial Transactions page. The User must have update permissions to FTS to adjust this setting. The value of this setting is stored in FTS.ATP for the student. 


Payment Reminders

Reminder emails can be sent to students with upcoming scheduled payments. Enter the number of days before the due date that each reminder email should be sent. A value of 0 (zero) will disable the reminder.

Below is a sample of the first reminder email.

Below is a sample of the second reminder email for a student with Autopay set up.

Below is a sample of the second reminder email for a student without Autopay set up.

Late Fee Settings

Aeries can automatically apply a Late Fee to students with past due scheduled payments. Click Enable Late Fee Process to get started. Next, enter the Fee Amount and the Days After Due Date that the fee will be charged. Be sure to Save the changes.

Once the Late Fee Settings have been saved, the scheduled process will automatically add the late fees when applicable. A late fee will only be charged to a student once per scheduled payment cycle.

Note: While the scheduled processes will update transactions for all students with active payment portals, the transactions for an individual student can be updated immediately simply by browsing to the Financial Transactions page for that student.