The field can be left blank.  However, Aeries recommends creating codes in the Code Table for students where a race or ethnicity code is missing.  This will eliminate having blank fields and assure that all data has been correctly entered for a student.

For example:  Race:      Code 999     Declined to State

                       Ethnicity: Code D        Declined to State

View All Forms/Update Code Table    

STU Table    Fields:  RC1 and ETH

If a district wants to insure that the race and ethnicity fields are always entered upon enrollment, the Define Required Data Entry Fields form (currently, only available in the Client) can be set to require an entry in those fields.  If a race and ethnicity are not entered, the enrollment will not save.

If a district allows a blank entry for the race code upon enrollment, in CALPADS Extracts/Other Options, populate the "Race Intentionally Left Blank" code with Declined to state/Unknown.