The following Discipline tasks should be done in preparation for the new school year.

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(District) Establish, document, and distribute all district- and school-level discipline policies.


Discipline & Assertive Discipline

Manage security for users who will be viewing or entering discipline information.
  • District and campus staff
  • Teachers
  • Parents
Security Management > 
  • Users
  • Groups
  • Portal Groups
  • Table Permissions

Discipline & Assertive Discipline

(District) Enable discipline features according to district policy.

  • Do not show teacher/counselor field to Parent/Students 
  • Request Assigned and Served Days in Assertive Discipline - Administrative Decisions (Dispositions)
  • Hide the Discipline Administrative Decision Hours Field
  • Show the Demerits field on the Assertive Discipline Page
  • Number of Offenses allowed (1-5) on Assertive Discipline
  • Use Advanced Discipline (DIS) Page

School Info > Configurations > District Settings

District Settings (District Rules)

Discipline & Assertive Discipline

(District) Define fields that will be required when adding a discipline record.

School Info > Configurations > Define Required Fields

Define Required Fields

Create any custom captions that will be used on the Assertive Discipline page - Additional Info tab to record district-specific information.

School Info > Configurations > Define Custom Captions

Define Custom Captions

Maintain a list of offense codes for which a student can be suspended (SOC table). This triggers an automatic suspension letter.School Info > Configurations > Update Suspendable Offense CodesDiscipline & Assertive Discipline

Update Portal Options related to discipline.

  • Discipline entry notification email address (for tchr adds)
  • Assertive discipline entry notification email address (for tchr adds)

School Info > Portal Management > Portal Options (Miscellaneous tab)

Portal Options - Miscellaneous

Discipline & Assertive Discipline

Configure the discipline notification messages.

(District) School Info > School Options

Discipline & Assertive Discipline

Add the following codes to the code table:

  • Discipline codes (infractions) (DIS.CD)
  • Assertive discipline codes (infractions) (ADS.CD)
  • Disposition suspension codes (DSP.DS)
  • Behavioral emergency codes (BER.CD)

School Info > Configuration > Update Code Table

Update Code Table

Discipline & Assertive Discipline

Assertive Discipline and Suspension Letter Setup

Intervention Management Initial Setup

Customize discipline letters to parents.

School Info > Letter Texts > Discipline Letter Text Editor

Discipline & Assertive Discipline

Assertive Discipline and Suspension Letter Setup

Map discipline and behavioral emergency codes for proper CRDC reporting.

School Info > Imports and Exports > Civil Rights Data Collection

School Info > Imports and Exports > CALPADS Extracts (Code Translations tab)

Civil Rights Setup - Cert. Teachers and Codes Tab

CALPADS Extracts - Code Translations Tab

Behavioral Emergency

Map state-required codes:

  • Any local offense codes (ADS.CD)
  • Any local disposition codes (DSP.DS)

School Info > Imports and Exports > CALPADS Extracts (Code Translations tab)

CALPADS Extracts - Code Translations Tab

Discipline & Assertive Discipline