Aeries Software allows data to be pulled by authorized vendors through the Aeries API to automatically sync with 3rd Party Applications. This eliminates the need for manual CSV transfers or complicated SFTP uploads.

SIRAS connects to Aeries through an API Certificate

Create an API Certificate for SIRAS 

1. Login to your Aeries Admin Website as an admin

2. Navigate to Security -> API Security

3. Select the “Add New Record” button

4. Enter the product name "SIRAS" and any comment you’d like. 

5. Click 'Insert' to save the Certificate

6. Grant Read Permissions to the following areas;

Student Data
Special Programs

Special Education

Enrollment History

6. Select the checkbox next to “Display Certificate Details” to view the API Certificate. This is sensitive information and should be treated as such. 

7. You will need your API Certificate and base URL to connect with SIRAS

*The "base URL" is the entire web address of your Aeries system leading up to the "/Login.aspx".

In this example, the highlighted text is the "base URL." Your own base URL will be different.

For hosted customers, your base URL will be 

(replace "yourdistrictname" with your actual assigned URL address)

8. Review the SIRAS4Aeries Padlet for additional information.

More information about the Aeries-SIRAS Integration can be found on the SIRAS Support Site and in the Aeries API  to SIRAS Document attached.