The TEXAS-FIRST-EARLY-HS-COMPLETION-PROGRAM (E1736) element is used to track students who graduate early under the Texas First Early High School Completion Program. It also specifies whether the student graduated two or more semesters early, or fewer than two semesters earlier than the expected graduation date of the student's high school cohort. 

This element is reported in PEIMS Submission 1 with the StudentEnrollment interchange, in the StudentGraduationProgram extension. See StudentEnrollment Interchange - Field Mapping and Rules.

The indicator and reason code can be printed on the student transcript.


First the code must be added for the student on the Activities and Awards page. To print the indicator on the student's transcript, it must also be added to Transcript Definitions > (TTP) Things to Print.

Navigate to Student Data > Other > Activities and Awards

  1. Click Add New Record.
  2. Add the following:
    • Type (ACT.TY) - Select Performance Acknowledgements.
    • Code (ACT.CD) - Select TX First Early HS Completion.
    • Reason (ACT.RS) - Select one of the following codes, which correlate to PEIMS Code Table C233: 
      • TEC-1 - Student graduated two or more semesters early
      • TEC-2 - Student graduated fewer than two semesters early 
  3. Click the Save icon.

Navigate to Grade Reporting > Configurations > Transcript Definition (TTP - Things to Print tab)

  1. Click Add Record.
  2. Add the following:
    • Table - Select ACT.
    • Test/Event - Select TEC.
    • Subtest/Part - Select TEC-1.
    • Print Option - Select 2-Print Most Recent Event.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Repeat for Subtest/Part TEC-2.

The indicator and reason will print on the student's transcript.

NOTE: The Subtest/Part must be selected in order for the reason code (TEC-1 or TEC-2) to be included in the event. Otherwise, only "TX First Early HS Completion" is printed.