Table of Contents

Key Expectations

What are the “Must Haves” in order for our customers to consider Code Set Management to be vastly improved in Next Gen?

  • One page to manage all Code Sets, with links to related functions that can be accessed in that same space 
  • Codes should unlock for editing as a page, not individual codes
  • More control over visibility of Fixed Codes 
  • When codes are edited, start/end dates automatically entered
  • Allow larger Code value sizes (especially Attendance Codes)
  • Allow Code Set to be used in multiple places, even on custom pages

Changes & Differences from Existing Functionality  

  • Allows true, independent Code Sets to be created, managed, and then applied to different entities inside Aeries 
  • Code Management Page that allows everything related to Codes to be handled in one dedicated space 
  • School Year fields will be used to control Code Sets for longitudinal database structure
  • Customization of Code Sets are easily accomplished and cross-referenced to state/federal codes, as necessary.
  • District ownership of Code Sets enforces data consistency, but visibility can be set at the school level
  • District identification of language translations needed, which will push down automatically to Code Sets to be translated

Wireframe Concepts  

Code Set Management 

Manage Codes

Manage Translations

Manage Code Visibility

Manage Code Mapping

Manage Code Options

Plan Summary  

  • Code Management in Aeries Next Gen allows greater freedom and customization in managing Code Sets, while enforcing data integrity.  
  • Changes are tracked with dates, allowing them to be applied properly in a longitudinal database. 
  • The implementation of a Code Management Dashboard allows all activities related to codes to happen in one dedicated space.