Navigate to Reports > Student Data > Students With Same Name report.

The Students With Same Name report helps find students who have multiple student records with more than one Student ID. To appear on the list, at least two records must have the same first and last name (STU.FN and STU.LN), but different Student IDs (STU.ID). Each record listed on the report contains the student's ID, name, grade, gender, birthdate, street address and city.


The report may be run at the District or School levels, and will honor a KEEP/SKIP query. At the School level, the following options are displayed:

  • Compare Middle Name:  the records must also have the same Middle Name (STU.MN). 
  • Compare Birth Date:  the records must also have the same Birth Date (STU.BD).
  • Include Inactive Students:  inactive students can be included (students with a STU.TG that is not blank). Inactive students on the report will have an asterisk (*) by their Student ID.

Using one of the first two options, Compare Middle Name and Compare Birth Date, will assist in reducing the "false positives" on the report:  students who share a name, but are not the same person. 

At the District level, an additional option (Compare Across Schools) is provided: 

  • Compare Across Schools:  multiple schools can be selected, including the inactive school. The report will compare the students at all selected schools. A School Group can be used, if desired.

For a wide search, Include Inactive Students should be selected, the inactive school should be included in the list of selected schools, and Compare Across Schools should be selected.