Session Description

Attendees working with the English Language Development Program or those working in CALPADS will benefit from this session. The relationship between Aeries and CALPADS in maintaining the Language Assessment data fields will be presented. The session will include the data requirements as well as the order of operations to enable ELPAC testing. The reconciliation of correct data between Aeries and CALPADS will be addressed. The ELPAC Roadmap will be presented. It is recommended that anyone new to this process also attend #660-1 - Managing English Language Data for Students, as a prerequisite. 

Session Content

  • Identifying all Aeries tables that house student language data required for CALPADS
  • Identifying fields that are populated in Aeries by TOMS and CALPADS
  • Importing data from TOMS or CALPADS to populate specific fields
  • Understanding the importance of TBD to access ELPAC testing 
  • Managing the ELD Roadmap between Aeries and CALPADS for proper student EL identification
  • Changing the required student data to match ELPAC results
  • Uploading pdf copies of student test scores

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