Session Description

“English Language Data Process: Aeries to CALPADS”, is designed for participants working with the English Language Development Program or those involved in CALPADS in California schools. It focuses on the relationship between Aeries and CALPADS in maintaining Language Assessment data fields. It is recommended that individuals new to this process also attend #660-1 - Managing English Language Data for Students as a prerequisite.  

Session Content

In this session, participants will: 

  • Identify the data requirements and sequence of operations for facilitating ELPAC testing within the Aeries to CALPADS process 

  • Recognize the steps for reconciling accurate data between Aeries and CALPADS and demonstrate understanding of the ELPAC Roadmap 

  • Locate the specific Aeries tables containing student language data essential for CALPADS reporting 

  • Apply effective strategies for managing the ELD Roadmap between Aeries and CALPADS to ensure accurate student English Language (EL) identification 

  • Demonstrate proficiency in using the necessary tools and skills to effectively manage and reconcile data between Aeries and CALPADS, thereby ensuring precise EL identification and compliance with state regulations 

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