Session Description

“CALPADS Basics - Student Data Management” is designed for California schools seeking to effectively manage their student data for CALPADS reporting. The session will provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to use Aeries, a powerful student information system, for managing daily student information. By ensuring that CALPADS files are extracted with the most up-to-date and accurate data, schools can meet the requirements for demographic information and enrollment statuses.  

Session Content

In this session, participants will: 

  • Identify the relationship between data entered into Aeries and various CALPADS files, including SENR, SINF, SINC, SIRS, SOFF, STAS, and SELA 

  • Discuss the general information on the student demographic data required for CALPADS, exploring the Demographics, Contacts, and Student Secondary Data pages in Aeries, highlighting State Reporting fields and defining required fields 

  • Explain how to enter and manage the required Student Data reporting fields, ensuring compliance with CALPADS regulations 

  • Locate and utilize Aeries and CALPADS resources available for effective student data management 

  • Recognize and recall the navigation processes for CALPADS reporting and effective student data management 

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