The ROP Extract was converted from the Client and is now available from within any school or district. This extract is used to send attendance information to ROP for students in ROP classes. The extract can only be run by an Administrator type role and can be found by filtering ROP under 'Pages'.  In order to run the extract from the District database, a District Calendar must exist with valid start and end dates. The extract will honor any Keep/Skip query statement.  This report can be run in a school using negative or positive attendance.  This extract has also been adjusted to work in Flex school or school using section staff.

On the ROP Extract Configuration page there are a variety of options.

  • Extract Schools
  • Extract Courses
  • Other Options
  • Attendance Instructional Minutes
  • ROP Extract Downloads

Extract Schools

Select the schools to be included in the extract process.  By default, only active schools will display in the list.  A school is considered active if the Tag field in the School Options is blank.

Extract Courses

Courses to be included in the extract are courses tagged in the Course table/Other Tab/Type field CRS.TY with a 30, 32 or 33 or by tagging the MST.PR field with a 143-ROP/C code in the Master Schedule for the desired section. 


On the configuration page, check the desired course types to be included in the report.

Exclude CRS User Code - A course can be excluded from the extract by tagging the course in a user field in the Course table, then selecting the same code in the configuration as shown below.

Other Options

Extracting Full CDS# Instead of School# will include the County (LOC.CC) + District (LOC.DC) + School (LOC.SC) number from School Options and will insert it into the CONC_HS_SITE_ID column.  With this option unchecked, only the (LOC.SC) School# will be extracted in this column. The District_ID column will extract the County (LOC.CC) + District (LOC.DC) + School (LOC.SC)  code from school 0 and will not change with this option.

NOTE:  The District_ID uses CONCAT to insert the LOC.CC+LOC.DC+ LOC.SC (County, District and School number).  For Sequel Servers older than 2012, CONCAT is not supported.  

Remove Invalid Characters from Text Fields will remove characters that can cause errors.  For example, for names it will filter out numbers and symbols outside of , . ' ( ) - .  For streets names and city names, it will filter symbols outside of ' ( ) - # / .

School Options:

Attendance Instructional Minutes

The ROP extract will extract data into two CSV files. The ROP Extract and ROP Extract: Minutes Per Class Per Day. Use the Date Range fields to select the start date and end date for the data being extracted. The ROP Extract will contain several columns of demographic data including the total of instructional minutes that are calculated between the date range selected for the process. The ROP Extract: Minutes Per Class Per Day file will contain the number of instructional minutes for each ROP class per day.

If Attendance Instructional Minutes are not being included in the report, this button can remain unchecked and no date range will be required for this option.  The total minutes column will not be included in the ROP Extract file.

Generating the Report

When all configuration settings are applied, click the Run button to extract the data.  A message will appear when the process has completed and the total number of records will display. 

Running the extract will automatically save the recently selected options on the screen.  There is also a SAVE button at the top of the screen that will save the selected options as well. 

The extract files can be downloaded by the administrator who initiated the extract.  The log section at the bottom of the page will display the type of extract, an extract name, a date time stamp of when the report was generated, the username of the administrator who ran the report and the number of records in the file.  

Flex Scheduling School or School Using Section Staff

In a flex scheduling school or school using section staff, this report has been adjusted to include the following changes:

  • The SECTION_ID_1 has been adjusted to pull from the STF table instead of the TCH table for the teacher name
  • The SECTION_ID_2 has been adjusted to pull the FTF.STI (Flex Period Short Title) instead of MST.PD field
  • The GRADE_EARNED will be matched on SE from GRD
  • The ATTENDANCE DATA will look at the CAT table for Attendance codes instead of ATT