Districts participating in online distancing during the COVID-19 school closures are looking at many grading options in lieu of traditional on-premise teaching grading. Aeries has multiple solutions to meet the needs of mid-term changes to distance learning. Some suggestions are:

  • Switch to Narrative Grading - Pass/Fail or Credit/No Credit
  • Weighted Category for 0% so new scores do not affect the overall grade
  • Separate Gradebook for the Term

Switch to Narrative Grading - Pass/Fail or Credit/No Credit

Schools may decide to go to a Pass/Fail grading system for the remainder of the term. Teachers can define Narrative Grades in a particular Aeries Gradebook to be Pass/Fail. Within the Manage Gradebook function, select Narrative Grades for a selected Gradebook within the Aeries Gradebook. 

Making the 'P' mark 100% and the 'F' mark 50% enables a teacher to choose either a true 'Pass' or 'Fail'. Once the Narrative Grade is established in a Gradebook, a teacher can select the Narrative Grading drop box and select 'Pass or Fail'. 


See more information at https://support.aeries.com/a/solutions/articles/14000067690  

Weighted Category for 0% so new scores do not affect the overall grade

Many districts are choosing to score new assignments that will not change the previous overall grade for a particular Aeries Gradebook. To do this, simply create a new Category , in the Categories tab within Manage Gradebook, and indicated the weighting at 0%.  

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When creating new distance learning assignments, select the new Category to insure the assignment will not affect  the previous overall Gradebook grade. 

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See more information at https://support.aeries.com/a/solutions/articles/14000067679 

Separate Gradebook for the Term

Another Aeries option to establish separation of new distance learning assignments, is to create an additional Gradebook for the term. This will enable teachers to lock the scores in the original Gradebook and establish new assignments and scores for the new learning model. 

NOTE: This solution provides two overall scores for the term and the teacher would need to select one of the Gradebooks for the automated term grading process or review both Gradebooks and manually enter students term grades.

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Get more information at https://support.aeries.com/a/solutions/articles/14000075722