This Aeries training session shows daily attendance schools using a Master Schedule how to prepare for the new school year.  The session includes the enrollment process of adding new teachers, new students with associated contacts and withdrawing students.  During the session the following will be reviewed:  Aeries navigation, school options and modifying the calendar.  Additionally, users will gain an understanding of the following demonstrated processes:  initializing school attendance, scheduling students into classes/teachers, adding students to programs and printing student reports.  The Master Schedule, class scheduling maintenance and course attendance, in correlation to the enrollment process, is explained and presented. 

Time Allotment

This Aeries training session is 3.5 hours.

Target Audience

This Aeries training session is beneficial to all new users that have an elementary school with a Master Schedule, especially the school office staff responsible for setting up for the new school year and the enrollment maintenance of new and existing students.  The following positions may be included as attendees:  Aeries Admins, Registrars, School Office Staff, and District-Designated Aeries Trainers. 

Expected Outcomes

Upon completing this training session, attendees should be able to:


  • Navigate Aeries
  • Populate Student Demographics
  • Enroll new students
  • Pre-enroll students in current school data
  • Add Contacts
  • Schedule students to classes/teachers
  • Transfer students from one class to another
  • Add Student Programs
  • Withdraw students
  • Print student reports