The Student Gradebook Summary report lists the students' current Gradebooks and Marks. 

The Report is accessible from multiple areas. 

Under Student Data > Grades > Gradebook Summary using the 'Print' button

Under Reports > Gradebook Summary

And in both the Parent and Student Portals under Grades > Gradebook  using the 'Print' button

Student Gradebook Summary Report Options

When run from Student Data > Grades > Gradebook Summary, the Parent Portal or the Student Portal, two options are available. 'Include Prior Terms' and 'Include Dropped Gradebooks'.  If neither of these are selected the report will only show the current Gradebooks. If one or both are selected it will show past Gradebooks in the current School Year

When the Report is run from Reports > Gradebook Summary the Report is school-wide and more options are available.

The first two options work the same as in the Parent/Student Portal. The option to print only Current Gradebooks or include Prior and Dropped Gradebooks. The report will not include future terms. 

The Hide % option can be selected to keep the percentage from printing on the report. 

The next section includes Student and Grade selection, Printing and Sorting options

The last section has 4 options. Selecting the first option 'Print All Students' will print all students and their Gradebook Summary. The Report will honor KEEP/SKIP.

Choosing any of the last 3 option will display a box to enter 'N' number of missing assignments to limit the report to certain students.

This is the way these 3 options work:

Will look for the TOTAL missing assignments from ALL Gradebooks.  For example, if the 'Minimum Missing Assignments' is set to 5, and a student has 5 Gradebooks with 1 missing assignment in each, they will have a TOTAL of 5 missing assignments and will be included in the report.

Will look for the 'N' number of missing assignments in any 1 Gradebook. If the 'Minimum Missing Assignments' is set to 5 then the student would need 5 missed assignments in any ONE Gradebook to be included in the Report.

Will  only display Gradebooks that have the 'N' number of missing assignments across all students in the class, and the students associated with the Gradebook, listed by Student > Gradebook.