The Effective Permissions Report for groups provides a cumulative view of group account permissions.

Group accounts can be granted various levels of access to data within Aeries (Read, Insert, Update, Delete, Mass Update and Administer) based on security applied directly to the Group. This report will summarize a Group's security access at the time the report is run.

The report can be accessed by navigating to Security, Groups selecting a group and then selecting the Print Effective Permissions button.

If multiple school years are available in your Aeries configuration file, the following selection form will be displayed. 

Select the desired year for your Effective Permissions Report. If multiple years are not identified in your Aeries Config File, group permissions for the current year will be utilized. 

The following sample report represents the information available when the Effective Permissions Report for groups is run.

Note: The Effective Permissions Report (Group) represents the permissions set at the time the report is run.