Aeries supports changing the student name and gender fields on the Student Demographics page to be student’s preferred name and gender.  The Legal Name and Gender can be entered into an added area called Legal Student Information (LSI table).  The Legal Name and Gender fields can be used for any circumstance where a preferred name needs to be used in place of their legal name, but not the simple day to day nicknames/aliases that students go by.  Legal gender can also be different than preferred gender, but doesn’t have to be.  Their legal name will only be used when absolutely necessary such as for state reporting or official transcript printing.

So to clarify the fields and their purpose:

  • Student Name (preferred name): This what is used everywhere (STU.LN, STU.FN, STU.MN, STU.GN).  All students will have this populated, and most of the time it will be their legal name and gender, but it doesn’t have to be.  These are shown throughout the system.
  • Legal Name: Legal name and *gender fields used only if different than preferred name (Legal Student Information - LSI table).  This is used only for state reporting, transcripts, and other official purposes when necessary and is generally hidden within Aeries except for those with specific permission. (*Legal Gender (LSI.GN) no longer used for Calpads reporting. See Student Legal Information - Calpads Extracts for more information).
  • Alias Name (nickname): Used for day-to-day “AKA” nicknames, like Bob instead of Robert, Sue instead of Susan (STU.FNA, STU.LNA, STU.MNA).  These are shown throughout the system for quick reference, but usually display alongside the regular student name.

More information is available in our blog: Legal vs. Preferred Student Names and Genders in Aeries

The Legal Student Information fields are Legal Last Name, Legal First Name, Legal Middle Name and Legal Gender

Users must have permissions to the Legal Student Information (LSI) security area in order to VIEW and/or UPDATE this information. If the fields are populated for a student, a Show/Hide Legal Name button will display at the bottom right of the Student Demographics page to users with permissions to the Legal fields. If the fields are not populated, the user must be in edit mode to view the Show/Hide Legal Name button.

Two reports are available that support displaying the legal student information instead of the preferred name and gender.  Users must have access to the legal student information in order for these options to display on the  reports.   The Student Transcript and the Assertive Discipline report support the legal student name. 

Note: The Legal Student Information (LSI) should NOT be used for simple "AKA" names of students (Mike vs Michael).  The Student Alias fields would be used for this.  The Legal Student Information fields should only be used after a formal request from the parents or student for a name or gender change. 

The Aeries CALPADS extracts will automatically pull the student’s Legal Last Name and Legal First Name from the Legal Student Information (LSI.LLN, LSI.LFN) fields and Gender from (STU.GN) but all other areas of Aeries will display the students preferred name and gender.

The Student Demographic page will display the fields with the Show/Hide Legal Name button clicked for users with permissions to the Legal Student Information (LSI table).