Session Description

The “Aeries College & Career Indicator (CCI) Management” session is designed for California schools and focuses on tracking student success and preparedness using the College and Career Readiness Indicators (CCRI) component of the California Dashboard. This session is essential for school counselors, administrators, and district personnel who want to effectively monitor their students' progress.  

Session Content

In this session, participants will: 

  • Identify the measures and sub-measures used for evaluating student readiness within the CCRI framework 

  • Explain the difference between prepared status and approaching prepared status, and interpret status values provided by Aeries to track student progress 

  • Discuss the calculations involved in predicting CCI readiness, including both pessimistic and optimistic approaches 

  • Recognize the structure and features of the Student CCI Summary Screen to effectively interpret summary information 

  • Utilize the tools provided by Aeries to track students' progress within the CCRI framework 

Related Documentation

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