Session Description

With the introduction of the College and Career Indicator (CCI) component of the California Dashboard tracking various aspects of student success to determine preparedness has become a major interest of California Public Schools. In this session, we will explore what tools Aeries has available for school counselors, administrators, and district personnel to stay on top of their students’ progress. This will include the new CCI Student Summary screen and the enhancements in the student academic plan. 

Session Content

Upon completing this Aeries conference session, attendees should have a clear understanding of:

  • What are California College and Career Readiness Indicators?
  • The Measures and sub-measures used to evaluate student CCI readiness
  • Prepared status vs. Approaching Prepared Status
  • The Status values used by Aeries to indicate progress
  • Exam related sub-measures and determining their status
  • Course completion related sub-measures and determining their status
  • The Lowest Status Rule
  • Pessimistic vs. Optimistic calculation of predicting CCI readiness
  • The new Student CCI Summary Screen structure and features
  • Interpreting the Summary Information
  • The fields of the CCI table and data available to users
  • Querying the CCI table

Related Documentation

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