In order for a Standards Based Progress Dashboard to display for a student, certain conditions must be met:

1.  The Standards Based Progress Dashboard displays for both Elementary and Secondary schools that have created Standards Based Report Cards.  For secondary schools, the Secondary Standards Based Grade Reporting Options grade range will be used to determine whether the dashboard displays for a student based on that student’s grade level.  The Options window displayed below is located in Grade Reporting Options.

2.  The gradebooks that display must be Rubric Gradebooks. The Manage Options screen in the Gradebook contains the option to make a gradebook a Rubric Gradebook.

NOTE: The Rubric option should only be selected when a gradebook is first created; existing gradebooks with non-rubric assignments and non-rubric scores should not have this option turned on.

3.  The assignments that display must:

  • Be Rubric assignments.
  • Be Summative assignments.
  • Have at least one standard linked to the assignment (standards can be local or Common Core). The standard should be a standard on the report card setup (SBE for elementary, SBR for secondary) or linked to a standard on the report card.