Either students or administrative staff may enter service learning hours for students.

Students Entering Hours

When a student logs into the Student Portal, Service Learning and Service Learning Organizations will display on the Student Info dropdown.

The Service Learning Organizations page will display approved organizations. The student can search for approved organizations by name or by using the By City option.

When logging hours the student can add an existing approved Service Learning Organization or if the student’s organization is not listed the student can access the Service Learning page to add a new recipient.  The Service Learning page has two tabs: Service Learning Recipient and Service Learning Log.

The Service Learning Recipient tab displays the Service Learning Coordinator, the Required and Completed Hours and approved organizations on the left hand side that have been added for the student.

To add an approved organization or a new recipient, the student can click on the Add New Service Learning Recipient button on the bottom of the page.  The following page will display.

The student can select an approved organization or click on the Organization Not Listed button to add a new recipient organization.  The following message will display.

After the student clicks the mouse on the OK button the following pop up will display.  The student can enter the new recipient organization and click the mouse on OK.

The following page will display for the student to complete with the recipient organization's information and enter a note in the Service Reflection field.  The student can click the mouse on the Insert button to complete the record.

The Service Learning Log tab displays a log of the student’s service learning entries with the status.  The student can add a new entry, edit an existing entry or upload a document to an existing entry.  The organizations are listed on the left side of the form.  When selected, the student’s activity will display on the Service Learning Log section.

To add a new service learning log entry, the student can select the organization from the list on the left side of the page to highlight it and click the mouse on the Add New Log Entry button.  The following page will display.

The student can click the mouse on the Save Record button then the record will now display with a Status of Pending until the Service Learning Administrator approves or denies it.

Office Staff Entering Hours

The workflow for office staff is identical to that of a student, however they have the flexibility to approve hours upon entry.

Secondly, an individual student may be responsible for one or more service learning requirement areas. At the student level, this can be adjusted by clicking on the Select Service Learning Areas. Technically if students or parents had permissions to update Service Learning Areas, they would be able to change this value, however this is more appropriate for office staff to edit.