Service Learning Requirements need to be defined per grade level.  Navigate to the Svc Lrng Requirements page under the Service Learning node.  

The following page will display.

Enter the required hours per grade level per year.  Hours will be pro-rated for a student based on their enrollment dates when entering mid-year.  Hours can not be banked from year to year if the student is over the required hours, but can be made up in the next year if the student’s required hours were not met.

Enter the date when Service Learning hours will begin to accumulate for that school year. This will allow any Service Learning Hours completed during the summer to be applied to the next school year’s grade level. In the above example, any Service Learning Hours completed before 7/23/2018 will accumulate for the student’s 2017-2018 grade level. The Service Learning Hours completed on or after 7/23/2018 will be credited to the student’s 2018-2019  grade level in the new school year after an enrollment record with their new grade level has been created.

NOTE:  If the Service Learning Start Date is left blank, the system will use July 1.