Update Valid Marks

In order to create a numerical average (GPA), each mark is converted to a point value using the Grade Code (GRC) table. The Grade Code table is accessed from the Valid Marks page under the Grade Reporting node | Configurations on the navigation.  All marks that are used for report cards and transcripts must be defined using the Valid Marks page. 

On the far left side are all the marks in the Valid Marks table.  In the middle of the page there are Yes/No radio buttons for each mark entered:

  • Count in GPA Computation indicates whether the mark is to be used when calculating a student’s GPA.
  • Count as Attempted  indicates whether the mark is to be counted as attempted
  • Count as Completed  indicates whether the mark is to be counted as completed
  • Default Gradebook % Range Low and High %s can be defined per mark.  Teachers can use the Restore School Recommended Defaults button on the Gradebook Final Marks tab to populate the low and high %s defined on the Valid Marks page as the gradebook's Final Marks.

There are also fields for Non-honors courses, Honors courses, and Non-academic courses in the Point value in GPA computation area of the form.  These fields must contain a value for each mark that is defined.  If a mark is not used in the GPA calculation, then that mark is defined by using zero in these fields.

The Weight Advanced Placement Courses/IB Courses option allows different values for Advanced Placement - AP courses (CRS.CL = 30) and International Baccalaureate - IB (CRS.CL = 37 and 38) courses.

The values on this form are utilized to compute the GPA.  The Grade Points are multiplied by the Credit Value and then divided by the Total Credits attempted. 

NOTE:  Courses designated as College Credit Only (CRS.CL=23) will be excluded from all GPA calculations.  

Add-On Weighted GPAs

In addition to all of the above described traditional GPAs, some schools have developed an alternative way of calculating weighted GPAs.  This is sometimes referred to as the “Huntington Weighted GPA” making reference to the location of its conception.  Aeries calls this series of GPAs “Add-On Weighted GPAs” making reference to the process in calculating this type of weighted GPA.  The Add-On Weighted GPA can be configured from the School Settings form using the “W” setting.

Aeries supports storing the Add-On Weighted GPAs in the regular weighted fields for each GPA or in a completely different set of fields so that both the traditional Weighted GPA and the Add-On Weighted GPA will be able to be queried and printed.

The table below describes the field codes for all of the GPAs in Aeries.

Grade Reporting (GRD)

Cumulative (HIS)


















Add-On Weighted






Additionally, there are the 2 Preliminary Academic GPAs for the University of California and California State College entrance (PUC and PCS).

When options 8 or 9 are chosen on the Aeries Variables for Current School form, a configuration form will automatically appear.

There are 2 different ways of calculating Add-On Weighted GPA and both options revolve around how to calculate the amount to add-on to the Unweighted GPA.  One Add-On Value can be calculated simply by multiplying a fixed value for every honors course passed.  The other method is more complex.  The second way adds up all of the honors courses passed and optionally applies a maximum number of honors courses per term.  It then divides by the number of terms encountered to achieve the final Add-On Value.

A Grade Range is available to apply the Add-On-Weighted GPA to a specific grade range.