Session Description

For Database Administrators (DBA). Topics include multi-table queries, methods for exporting data, SELECT INTO, and tips for finding duplicates / orphaned records. 

Session Content

  • Using multiple select statements to create SELECT Sub Queries
  • JOIN Multiple Tables together in in a SQL query
  • Types of JOINS and their respective uses
  • Utilizing the “HAVING” and “COUNT” SQL commands to find duplicate records
  • Using a staging database
    • Creating cross database views
    • Utilizing synonyms
  • Using a “JOIN” statement across separate databases
  • Using Variables in SQL Statements
  • The Stored Procedure “sp_who2”
  • Different methods for importing and exporting data;
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft PowerShell
      • Exporting with powershell prerequisites:

      • Powershell version 5, run $PSVersionTable to check your version

      • Run Install-Module SqlServer

Related Documentation

PDF documentation for this session is attached.