Session Description

For Database Administrators (DBA). Topics include multi-table queries, methods for exporting data, SELECT INTO, and tips for finding duplicates / orphaned records.

Session Content

  • Using multiple select statements to create SELECT Sub Queries
  • JOIN Multiple Tables together in in a SQL query
  • Types of JOINS and their respective uses
  • Utilizing the “HAVING” and “COUNT” SQL commands to find duplicate records
  • Using a staging database
    • Creating cross database views
    • Utilizing synonyms
  • Using a “JOIN” statement across separate databases
  • Using Variables in SQL Statements
  • SQL Views including an “IF EXISTS” condition
  • The Stored Procedure “sp_who”
  • Different methods for importing and exporting data;
    • Microsoft Excel
    • SSIS Packages
    • Microsoft PowerShell
      • Exporting with powershell prerequisites:

        You will have to run under SQLPS (SQL PowerShell extensions which will be on a typical SQL server or you must install SQL feature pack files...)

        SQL Server 2016 Feature Pack (newest available connects to down level servers just fine)

        1. ENU\x64\SQLSysClrTypes.msi

        2. ENU\x64\SharedManagementObjects.msi

        3. ENU\x64\PowerShellTools.msi

Related Documentation

PDF documentation for this session is attached.