Session Description

Attendees will learn the required fields for recording language information for all students in Aeries. All five Language Fluency designations will be presented: English Only, To Be Determined, Initial Fluent English Proficient, Limited English Proficient, and Reclassified Fluent English Proficient. The date requirements will also be discussed. The audience for this session is anyone who maintains EL data at the school or district level. 

Session Content

  • Understand Aeries Language Assessment student data table and fields
  • Entering and maintaining required language data for all students
  • Using the Home Language Survey fields and understanding their implications
  • Using To Be Determined correctly to access the ELPAC
  • Managing data for English Only, Limited English Proficient, Initial Fluent English Proficient and Reclassified English Proficient students
  • Adding new Language Instruction Program codes
  • Inputting the proper dates each language fluency category 
  • Updating language fluency records when students reclassify

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